The Walking Dead: The end of the 7th season will be "beautiful and heartbreaking"

There is only one chapter left for the seventh season of The Walking Dead to come to an end. It will do with The First Day of the Rest of Your Life a promising title delivery that Lauren Cohan says will offer fans an incredibly sweet-sour, beautiful and heartbreaking end of season.

"The Walking Dead"

In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, the actress, who gives life to Maggie, has talked about the route that takes the series of AMC and the paths that have to go. From episode number sixteen he anticipates that "you will feel a great emotion".

Something that has fans of The Walking Dead in vilo, is if the showrunners have based this last chapter of the season in comics. If so, an epic and bloody ending is coming, with a great war ahead.

In addition, if the series followed closely the plot of the graphic novels - something that obviously does not do - one thing would be certain: the permanence of Maggie in the group, who becomes one of the leaders of Hilltop.

The actress, however, does not know the plot that tells the stories of Robert Kirkman since he does not want to have illusions with the survival of its personage. "I hate to say something that implies 'Oh, yes, in the middle of the eighth season when I'm still alive ...' because I do not know if I will be," says Cohan.

Nor did he want to pass up the opportunity to talk about one of the most emotional scenes of the seventh season, the one he shares with Daryl, in which the biker expresses his guilt over Glenn's death.

"Considering how cautious [Daryl] is, it was really nice to knock down that wall. I think it's important for the audience to see how the characters lean on each other," Lauren Cohan shared.

A relation that crosses the screen since when one of the protagonists dies in the fiction they celebrate the 'dinner of death' (Death dinner). A meeting in which the actors meet to say goodbye to the companion who will lose his life in The Walking Dead.

A tradition in which the protagonists have had the "best nights". "There are always a lot of tears, but we also make bonfires, we play and we tell the family member who is leaving, how much we love him, totally embarrassing them," said the actress laughing.